General rules:

  1. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from liability.
  2. Do not use restricted measures (cheats).
  3. Do not swear and insult other players.
  4. Respect server Admins and other players.
  5. Report players to admins who do not follow the rules. You can use u@ or /report command on server.
  6. If you see any bugs on the server, report them to the Admins or on our discord in appropriate channel.
  7. Do not shout, play music through the microphone.
  8. Do not advertise other servers or projects.
  9. Player nicknames must not have any obscene words.
  10. Clans names cant use inappropriate words. If u brake that rule your clan can be deleted without refunding your ammo packs.
  11. Be honest if you lie we have logs and we can check what is true and You will be banned.
  12. Admin chat have to be used only to report other players, itsn’t normal chat.

Admins rules:

  1. Admins (except Administrators, Moderators and Supports) cannot BAN another admins. If another admin breaks the rules, please report him on our Discord server.
  2. Comply with the general rules.
  3. Before banning player make sure it’s worth it.
  4. Do not change the map before the end of 15 minutes from the beginning.
  5. Do not change the maps in it’s sole discretion, it is necessary to make the vote such as (amx_votemap de_dust2 de_inferno cs_assault). Use nominations command before choosing map to vote or ask players to nominate maps.
  6. Do not change the map at the request of any player, if requested by majority vote to do.
  7. Do not do nonsense vote like: (amx_vote or_a_good_weather_today? Yes No).
  8. Do not abuse admin chat (y@, y@@ or y@@@) and do not swear on it.
  9. Do not advertise other servers or projects.
  10. Do not change the map on servers with single map only (Only Dust2, etc.).
  11. Admins are for players to help them, not to abuse permissions.

Rules for ZM server:

  1. Reconnecting to server is only allowed in modes such as normal, multiple infection or swarm. Reconnecting in all other modes results in an 5 min ban punishment. If repeated – up to 12h.
  2. Using LM for annoying stuffs such like blasting players, stucking leads to ban.
  3. No reconnect:
    • to avoid infection,
    • to avoid death,
    • when you are the only zombie/human,
    • when playing as survivor on survivor mode,
    • when playing as nemesis on nemesis mode.
  4. It is not allowed to help other players with missions, if you break that rule your missions will be reset.

Ban reasons and Time Exclamation:


  • Cheating = permament ban
  • Using bugs = 30 min – 1h ban
  • Insults/Swearing = gag: 10 min – 30 min; ban: 1h – 3h
  • Advertising = permament ban
  • Insults in nickname = 30 min – 1h ban
  • Inappropriate sprays = 30 min ban
  • Music or nonsense on voice chat = gag: 10 min – permament; ban: 30 min – 1h
  • Placing /lm incorrectly (blocking) = 30 min ban
  • Reconnecting to avoid death, etc. = 5 min – 1 day ban

Players that use privileges to abuse or break rules can be demoted!